What is Save Oregon Schools?

In mid-2020, A group of parents and community members in Beaverton Oregon got together to advocate for academics, not activism, in their local public schools. What became clear was the immense lack of unbiased analysis and reporting on what was really happening in schools.

In 2022, Save Oregon Schools, LLC was created by one of those parents, Jeff Myers, to establish a formal organization with the goal of providing news & analysis to help equip parents, guardians, and community members with the power of information.

What can you expect if you subscribe?

More emails! :)

As the Chief Editor (and sole employee) of Save Oregon Schools, I will do my best to provide thoughtful analysis of data, reasoned thinking, useful information, and of course a bit of humor along the way. I have always been a big believer in the power of laughter, and I hope I can bring a little bit of that as I try to cover some very “unfunny” topics.

How can you support us?

Not financially, as I have no desire to monetize this and donations are not allowed. All I ask is that, if you find anything useful or interesting, please share it with others.

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Dad, husband, and Owner of Save Oregon Schools, a public education research, news, and watchdog organization.